Our team


Evelyn Alonso

Office Manager

Evelyn Alonso is our office manager. Graduated in 2007 from Florida National University as a radiologic technologist. Her goal is to always provide our patients the best care possible during their visit to our facility.


Anna Luis

Lab Technichian / Phlebotomist

Anna Luis is our lab technician / registered phlebotomist. She graduated from Universidad Central de Venezuela in 1997 as a Bioanalyst. Her goal is to provide a safe and trustworthy environment to every patient.


Eduardo J. Luis

Owner / Registered Nurse / Foreign Surgeon

Eduardo J. Luis is an orthopedic and traumatology surgeon from Venezuela. He graduated from Universidad Central de Venezuela in 1990. With more than a decade of experience in sports medicine, sport’s team doctor, adviser, and equipment consultant in professional basketball, baseball, volleyball, women’s soccer, and other areas. He also accomplished the year’s award for his thesis “bioabsorbable materials and their application in orthopedics”.

He started his private practice in 1998 at la Florida hospital (Venezuela) as a specialist, taking his first steps independently while gaining experience as a surgeon and orthopedist.

In he started a new journey when he decided to open a new private practice but this time in Miami, Florida where he decided to continue with his education. Eduardo is now a registered nurse in the United States of America and is currently continuing his education to become a registered nurse practitioner (APRN).


Diana Cabal

Front Desk / Receptionist

Diana Cabal is our front desk coordinator. With their genuine welcoming personalities, they will assist you in your check-in and check-out desk experience.


Marlene Marino

Front Desk / Receptionist

Marlene Marino is our front desk coordinator. With their genuine welcoming personalities, they will assist you in your check-in and check-out desk experience.


Martha Esterlich

X-Ray Technician / Medical Assistant

Martha Esterlich is our registered radiologist technologist and medical assistant. She graduated from a professional training center with honors. Ms. Esterlich also holds a medical assistance certification and a bls. In addition to her responsibilities, Martha brings enthusiasm to all aspects of her work, making our patients feel welcomed.


Idalmis Alvarez

Nurse Practitioner

Idalmis Alvarez is our certified family nurse practitioner. She graduated from the school of medicine, Camaguey, Cuba in 1997 as a family physician. As she migrated to the United States of America, she decided to continue her education to continue her career as a doctor. Dr. Alvarez graduated as a registered nurse practitioner in 2019 with a master’s in science at the Miami Regional University. With her extensive experience as a foreign physician and primary care physician, we are more than fortunate to have her in our practice.