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Primary Health Care Doctor in Miami and Pinecrest

Primary care plays an important role in a patient’s health, and our team of experienced physicians and nurse practitioners are committed to providing comprehensive and preventive care to help you cherish valuable moments in your life.

Comprehensive Physical Exams:

A comprehensive physical exam is the foundation of your health maintenance program at URCare. Your primary care doctor in Miami will conduct and coordinate a comprehensive evaluation of your current health and previous health problems you may have had in order to determine any future risks.

Pre-Operative Clearance:

The purpose of reevaluation is to evaluate and implement necessary measures to prepare higher risk patients for surgery. Medical evaluation can decrease the length of hospital stay, as well as minimize, postpone, or cancel surgery. A primary care doctor in Pinecrest will ensure you are fully prepared for your surgical procedure.

Adolescent Health:

Adolescent health and youth health are a selection of approaches utilized at URCare for preventing, detecting, or treating young people’s health and well-being. As part of the primary health care services in Pinecrest, this is critical to early detection and treatment of potential health issues.

Women Health:

Women health include a wide range of specialties and focus areas, such as birth controls, sexually transmitted diseases, gynecology, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and other factors surrounding women health.

Men’s Health:

Men’s health is concerned with identifying, preventing, and treating conditions that are most common or specific to men.


Diabetes is a disease in which your blood glucose, or blood sugar levels, are too high. At URCare, we provide you with comprehensive monitoring and blood tests as part of our exceptional primary health care in Miami.

Cold and Flu:

A common cold and flu can be caused by many different types of viruses. It can be difficult to diagnose and may cause complications. A primary care doctor at URCare in Miami can efficiently diagnose and treat patients without resulting in any further complications.

STD Screening and Treatment:

It can feel awkward to discuss sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) testing, but it’s important. Getting tested by a primary care doctor in Pinecrest is a confidential way to help in early detection and treatment.

Alcohol Screening:

Alcohol screening is used to assess alcohol consumption, drinking behaviors, and alcohol relating problems.

Rapid strep testing:

At URCare, a rapid antigen detection test is used to assist in the diagnosis of bacterial pharyngitis caused by streptococci.

Asthma Management:

With asthma treatment, one size does not fit all. Some treatments are used for long-term control, while others treat an asthma attack to give immediate relief. At URCare primary health care in Miami and Pinecrest, we help you assess your Asthma symptoms and better manage them.

Cuts, Lacerations:

If you have a cut on your skin, tissue, or muscle, or if you need laceration repair, we are available treat you at whatever time is convenient within our opening hours. We at URCare Centre treat injuries related to cuts, lacerations, and scrapes with methods which may involve wound cleaning, closing, and recovery.

Wounds Care:

If you have a wound that has not healed correctly over time, you may require wound care. At URCare, we provide comprehensive wound care.

Level 1 Burns:

URCare, our top primary health care facility in Miami and Pinecrest, has a state of the art level 1 burn care unit to lessen pain and scarring. The Level 1 Burn Centre consists of a team of competent and dedicated burn specialists, along with our experienced primary care doctors who offer a comprehensive range of services with special attention to the patient’s overall needs.

Minor Surgical Procedures (Foreign Object Removal):

If you need to undergo minor surgery for a foreign object removal, cut, or wound, visit URCare Centre to get safe and affordable service in a clean and compassionate environment.

Suture and Staple Removal:

Get your sutures and staples removed at URCare as per your convenience. The suture or staple removal procedure is not only quick, but also painless when completed by our primary health care team.

Ear Wax Removal:

If you feel that you may have a build-up of ear wax, do not remove it by yourself, as it can potentially damage your ear. Our trained ENT specialists at URCare will safely remove the wax build-up.

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